Life Coach Mantra

Pandu Ranga Reddy

Something struck me very hard early on from my college days: that the Human Body & Mind are powerful tools, and a trained body & mind can deliver much more Joy, Happiness & Success in the outer world.

With this thought in mind, I pursued Post-graduation in Management. However, the college education did not satisfy my urge to experience my full Potential. Getting into regular meditation retreats enabled me to develop a focus and achieve success in the corporate world for 17 years in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Solution Sales - dealing with Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Technical Heads of some of the Top Corporate Companies in South India and Tanzania.

Those who worked with me in companies like Siemens and Business Machines Tanzania Ltd describe me as a leader with strong people development skills, empowerment skills and having the ability to succeed under difficult conditions with a disciplined work ethic.

I am known to have a sense of timing, passion for sales, strategy & execution and consistently demonstrating the ability of meeting and exceeding Goals & Objectives of the Companies.

My team management and business development skills enabled companies to have a near perfect communications solutions deployed and maintained at the some of the top corporate companies in South India and Tanzania and enabling them to become profitable. Client Testimonials

My Quest for Wholeness and Purpose in Life continued over the years of working in the corporate world. I realized that unless every individual explores his or her unexamined thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, values and motivations and start living their authentic life one cannot create a lasting success in Personal & Professional life and leave a legacy.

Specialties: Personal Coaching, Sales Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Transition Coaching, Empowerment Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Fulfillment Coaching, Account Management, Client Services, Business Development

Life Coach Mantra